This website provides regular updates on the status of the book "Rice Diseases: Their Biology and Selected Management Practices". Each section/chapter will undergo the following processing before on-line publication.
  1. Draft will be submitted to Rina B. Opulencia (

  2. The draft will undergo technical editing, after which, the edited draft will be returned to the author/s for comments/actions on the revisions.

  3. The draft will be submitted for external review. Authors are encouraged to recommend external reviewers for section(s)/chapter(s) they wrote. IRRI will formally invite the recommended reviewer/s. Reviewed draft will be anonymously returned through IRRI (Gene Hettel of CPS) to author/s for comments/actions.

  4. The draft will be sent for English editing.

  5. The English edited document will be uploaded to the website for optional review by other authors of the book for a specified period of time.

  6. On-line publication. The public will be allowed to review or comment on any portion of the online-publication.