Rice Diseases: Biology & Selected Management Practices

Twenty-five global rice disease specialists have jointly authored this online resource, covering 80 diseases that afflict rice. Throughout, the researchers emphasize the importance of significantly reducing the detrimental effects of plant diseases in rice production. They also clarify the biology of these diseases and recommend selected practices for managing them.

Sections and chapters listed below can be viewed and downloaded online as they become available from the technical and substantive editors, Rina Opulencia and G.P. Hettel, respectively.

This resource, funded by the CGIAR Research Program on rice agri-food systems (RICE; formerly GRiSP), has been published with the assistance of a number of partners, especially the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice), and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT).


T.W. ‘Tom’ Mew, H. Hibino, S. Savary, C.M. Vera Cruz

Part I. General Introduction

Section 1. The Future Impact of Rice Diseases

R.S. Zeigler, H. Leung

Section 2. The "Shifty Enemies" of Rice Production in Asia 
     T.W. Mew, C.M. Vera Cruz

Section 3. Rice Diseases in the Americas (forthcoming soon)
     G. Mosquera, F. Correa

Section 4. Importance of Plant Diseases on Rice Production in Africa
    G. Onaga, J. Bigirimana, R. Murori, C.M. Vera Cruz, R. Oliva, Y.A. Seré

Part II. Biology of Rice Diseases

Section 1: Fungal Diseases

T.W. Mew

Introduction to fungal pathogens

Chapter 1. Seedling diseases

  • Bakanae (Bak)
  • Feeder Root Necrosis and Root Rot (FrT)
  • Seedling Blight (SdB)

Chapter 2. Foliar fungal diseases

  • Brown Spot (BSp)
  • Downy Mildew (DM)
  • Narrow Brown Leaf Spot (NBLs)
  • White Leaf Streak (WLS)
  • Stackburn Disease (StD)
  • Leaf Scald (LSc)
  • Collar Rot (CR)
  • Eyespot (ES)
  • Red Stripe (RS)
  • Leaf Smut (LSm)
  • Rusts (Ru)
  • Rice Blast (RBl)

Chapter 3. Leaf sheath and culm diseases

  • Stem Rot (SR)
  • Diseases caused by Rhizoctonia spp.
    • Sheath Blight (ShB)
    • Aggregate Sheath Spot (AsS)
    • Sheath Spot (ShS)
  • Sheath Net-Blotch (SnB)
  • Sheath Rot (ShR)
  • Crown Sheath Rot (CsR)
  • Sheath Blotch (ShBl)
  • Fusarium Sheath Rot (FuR)

Chapter 4. Grain diseases

  • Kernel Smut (KSm)
  • Udbatta Disease (UbD)
  • Glume Blight (GlB)
  • Grain DiscolorationI (GrD)
  • Scab (ScB)
  • Ear Blight (EB)
    False Smut (FSm)

Chapter 5. Other fungal diseases

  • Black Kernel
  • Minute Leaf and Grain Spot
  • Red Blotch of Grains
  • Speckled Blotch
  • Seed Rot

Section 2: Bacterial Diseases

T.W. Mew, B. Cottyn, C.M. Vera Cruz

Introduction to bacterial pathogens

Chapter 1. Seedling diseases

  • Seedling Blight (SdB)
  • Bacterial Brown Stripe (BbS)
  • Seedling Rot (SR)

Chapter 2. Foliar bacterial diseases

  • Bacterial Blight (BB)
  • Bacterial Leaf Streak (BLS)
  • Halo Blight (HaB)

Chapter 3. Leaf sheath diseases

  • Bacterial Sheath Rot (BSR)
  • Sheath Brown Rot (SbR)

Chapter 4. Grain diseases

  • Grain Rot (GnR)
  • Bacterial Palea Browning

Chapter 5. Stem diseases

  • Stem Necrosis (SN)
    Stripe Necrosis (RSN)

Chapter 6. Root disease

  • Foot Rot (FtR)

Section 3: Virus and Phytoplasma Diseases

H. Hibino

Introduction to virus and phytoplasma diseases

Chapter 1. Leafhopper-borne virus diseases

  • Bunchy Stunt (RBS)
  • Dwarf (RD)
  • Gall Dwarf (RGD)
  • Transitory Yellowing (RTY)
  • Tungro (RT) and Waika (RW)

Chapter 2. Planthopper-borne virus diseases

Chapter 3. Other insect-borne virus diseases

  • Giallume (RG)
  • Yellow Mottle (RYM)

Chapter 4. Fungus-borne virus diseases

  • Rice Necrosis Mosaic (RNM)
    Stripe Necrosis

Chapter 5. Other viruses associated with rice

         Leaf Gall and Wallaby Ear Disease
         Rice Downy Mildew Fungus
         Rice Tarsonemid Mite Virus
         Nilaparvata lugens Reovirus
         Himetobi P Virus
         Additional Viruses Infecting Rice

Chapter 6. Phytoplasma diseases

  • Orange Leaf (ROL)
  • Yellow Dwarf (RYD)

Section 4: Rice Nematodes or Roundworms
      T. Kyndt, G. Gheysen, J. Hongli

    Root-knot nematodes, especially Meloidogyne graminicola
    Cyst nematodes, especially Heterodera sacchari
Migratory root nematodes, especially Hirschmanniella oryzae
Root lesion nematodes, especially Pratylenchus zeae
    Migratory shoot nematodes, especially Ditylenchus angustus
    Seedborne nematode, Aphelenchoides besseyi

   Section 5: Advances in Research

Chapter 1. Molecular biology of disease resistance in rice
        J. Liu, G.-L. Wang

Chapter 2. Epidemiology of rice diseases
        S. Savary, I.B. Pangga, L. Willocquet, P.S. Teng

Chapter 3. Molecular genetics of major virus resistance in rice
       G. Jonson, I.-R. Choi

Chapter 5. Biology of the rice blast fungus (forthcoming soon)  
        B. Valent

Part III. Selected Management Practices

Introduction to rice disease management
         T.W. Mew